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There is a wholly other force at work in this place. It is something of an art project, albeit one removed from individualized thoughts and ambitions. The mastermind of this project is what we are calling Readymade Place: a nonhuman: irrational, proto-conscious, creative body/space comprised of the very tools, materials, and, architectural spaces meant to serve the human beings working within. This place is actually akin to something of an automated factory. The factory yields readymade product as it feeds on the self-motivated labors of its workers. Each new incoming wave of people, inspired to live and make, brings new energy to operate the various machines. Every new generation is coaxed anew into materializing the uncontrived form of Readymade Place.

Curated by Jan Dickey and Nisha Pinjani

Contributions by:

Atis Puampai

Baixin Chen

Kainoa Gruspe

Sheanae Tam

Brad Taylor

Nick Hunsinger

Charles Cohan

Gaye Chan

Gideon Gerit

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