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The Art & Shenanigans Committee is a collection of individuals devoted to political activism in the form of artful public performance. I serve as committee Chair, coordinating our efforts within the activist organization Hawai‘i J20+. Our tactics most often incorporate satire, absurdity, and silliness to address serious social concerns. We produce action accessories, wearable protest art, puppets, percussion instruments, and performances. The raw materials used for all shenanigans are made from foraged consumer waste and donated odd-n-ends, upcycled into tools for activism. 


Art & Shenanigans production sessions, called MAKE-INs, operate as creative - open - spaces that facilitate dialogue about the dangers of the Trump administration and its nationalist neoliberal agenda. Participants air their frustrations and organize their thoughts into new ways forward. The objects made at the MAKE-INs are later activated in public political actions/art performances, to creatively interface with the community - many times in strange, visually and audibly provocative ways. 

Click the image to see what we've done.

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